Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

After her decision to leave behind the painful memories of her small-town life in York, Maine, Lexie Stone heads to California ready to live for herself. Carrying with her the memory of Angela, Lexie finds herself making new friends, enjoying new experiences, and falling in love.

For the first time in her life, Lexie believes she has finally found happiness. Except for one thing…she hasn’t been totally honest. When the truth about her past begins to unravel—threatening everything—she is forced to make a choice once again…pick up and run—denying the truth, even to herself—or open her heart and let the love she has found save her.





Meet the Characters:

Lexie Stone:  The protagonist of the story. Lexie is 17 years old and has recently left her small town of York, where she has lived her whole life, and headed west to Sacramento, CA after the secrets she tried to bury surfaced. She left behind her lifelong friend and boyfriend, Ben and her two best friends, Caitlin and Maya in the hopes she can finally live the life her and Angela both deserved.  But in true Lexie fashion, she is too secretive for her own good and it’s not long before everything finds a way of catching up to her.

WS caitlin

Caitlin Preston: One of Lexie’s best friends and the daughter of Chief Preston. Lexie is close to Caitlin’s whole family and Caitlin’s sister Sara was best friends with Angela. In California, Caitlin still remains Lexie’s anchor through everything. 



WS maya

Maya Summers: One of Lexie’s best friends who lives in York. Maya really helped Lexie get through the hardship of Angela’s death, but every since leaving York their relationship has been strained and Lexie can’t help wondering if it’s because of Ben. 



WS Ben

Ben Collins:   One of Lexie’s best friends and her boyfriend when she leaves York. Ben and Lexie have always been close and he’s been there for her, but just before she left things got a little complicated between them. 




Patty Jacobs: Lexie’s first friend in Sacramento. They met at IHop where Patty works and she helps Lexie find roommates Morgan and Jane. She also attends SAC State with Lexie.  She can be a little pushy, but she forces Lexie out of her comfort zone. 




Jane Brewster: One of Lexie’s roommates in Sacramento who quickly becomes a close friend. Jane is a junior at SAC State, studying physical therapy and is originally from Ohio. Jane is more quiet and reserved than Morgan, but is solid when it comes to her friends. She spends a lot of time outdoors. Her parent’s own the house the girls live in. Dating Zach.


Morgan Bailey: Lexie and Jane’s roommate in Sacramento. She’s a junior at SAC State, studying finance and  is originally from Chicago. She’s known to be sarcastic and very outgoing. She describes herself as “super competitive, abnormally stubborn, and extremely social.” She also loves sports, cooking and being single. 



Jacalyn Potters & Jordyn Potters:  Lexie meets Jacalyn at the park across the street from her house and they instantly connect. They attend high school at Sacramento Country Day School.  Jacalyn feels like a breath of fresh air To Lexie because she doesn’t pry. Jacalyn has a long time boyfriend, Patrick and both will attend SAC State in the fall. Like Lexie, Jacalyn spends a lot of time outdoors by herself. She loves Carrie Underwood and Starbucks.  Jordyn is more of a prankster than Jacalyn and meets Lexie at the nearby Starbucks where they both love to spend time. She loves Elephants and spending time with her friends. Whenever she gets the chance she loves to dance and is always listening to music. 


Dean Winters: Meets Lexie on campus at SAC State. He’s from California-born and raised in Sacramento. He’s studying pre-med and is roommates with Zach.




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Location: Sacramento, California 






Book Teasers:

ws-dean ws-lexie lifehouse-t-shirt img_5294

Love greeting card with embracing couple sitting on a bench and holding heart air balloon i-promiseAmorous exploits, love background. Illustration contains transparency and blending effects, eps 10



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