Winter Solstice Soundtrack

Winter Solstice Soundtrack:

The music that inspired me while I was writing Winter Solstice… each song corresponds to some part of the book (what was happening at that time, how the characters were feeling..etc.)

I have arranged them in order and I am working on adding the music files here for your listening pleasure, just as I did for Harvest Moon, so stay tuned.

  1. I Miss You, Miley Cyrus
  2. Supernatural, Daughtry
  3. What’s Left, 3 Doors Down
  4. Call Your Name, Daughtry
  5. Traitor, Daughtry
  6. What Have We Become, Daughtry
  7. If This Is Goodbye, Lifehouse
  8. Last Kiss, Taylor Swift
  9. What I Meant To Say, Daughtry
  10. Breathe, Taylor Swift
  11. First Time, Lifehouse
  12. Begin Again, Taylor Swift
  13. Bubbly, Colby Caillat
  14. On The Inside, Daughtry
  15. Broken, Seether
  16. Mine, Taylor Swift
  17. Easier To Be, Lifehouse
  18. I Won’t Give Up, Jason Mraz
  19. You And Me, Lifehouse
  20. All In, Lifehouse
  21. I Just Can’t Live A Lie, Carrie Underwood
  22. Iris, Goo Goo Dolls
  23. Careless Whisper, Seether
  24. Somewhere In Between, Lifehouse
  25. Start of Something Good, Daughtry
  26. Daughters, John Mayer


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