Dark Moon

Where does evil come from…Is it born or is it created?
Claire grew up isolated; a secret her parents kept after a desperate attempt to shut out the cruel world that had wronged them. But at fifteen years old, Claire’s desire to step beyond the boundaries of her parent’s seclusion outweighs all consequences she may face if caught. When Claire’s scheme to be set free becomes a reality, it’s Brian who promises to help her, protect her even. Until Brian becomes just another pawn in Claire’s evil charade.


Fun Fact: When I was researching what to call this novella, I spent a lot of time reading about the different transitions of the moon and what they meant. What I learned about the Dark Moon, which seemed so fitting was that it is sometimes also called the Balsamic moon, which seems silly and irrelevant. However, when I continued to delve deeper into what this moon meant, what I found was astounding.  Dark Moon=Balsamic Moon= The bridge between the past and the future. 😉

Read on and you’ll know why this is so cool!


Meet the Characters:


 Claire (Peterson) Stone: The protagonist in this novella.  In 1991 Claire is fifteen years old, living…well she’s not sure, somewhere in Maine is all she really knows. She has spent her whole life in isolation- cut off from the outside world, forced to remain within the confines go her parents house. She’s a curious person, but she is growing more and more frustrated by her parents unwillingness to let her be “normal”.

Brian Stone: The first person Claire meets when she escapes her parents prison. Brian has no family, his parents died in a car accident and his brother was killed in action in Iran. He falls head over heals for Claire and swears it’s love at first sight, which is his cross to bear through life. 

Mark Preston: In 1991, Mark is a rookie cop on the force of the York Police Department, under his father’s leadership. He and Debbie have been married a few years and have their first child, Sarah, on the way.  They quickly take Claire and Brian under their wings when they move to the small coastal town of York. 


Debbie Preston: In 1991, Debbie is married to Mark and just graduating from college. She is pregnant with their first child, Sarah, and loves that Claire is not only close to her own age, but going through a lot of the same milestones. She latches onto Claire quickly in an attempt to help her get settled into her new life in York.

Catherine Peterson: Claire’s mother who after a traumatic event decided she could not live “in the world with all its heathens”.  Now a recluse-or as a psychiatrist would call it, an agoraphobic, she is the keeper of Claire who Catherine believes she is protecting by shutting out the cruel world that wronged her. 


William Peterson: A young engineer moving his way up the corporate latter when his wife suffers a traumatic event they cannot forget. His solution is to move his family away, without telling anyone where they are, and shutting out all of the “dirty heathens” of the world. He is the only one in the family who ever leaves the property and only to attend work each day. He believes it’s the only way to keep Claire safe.


Claire: Fast forward sixteen years, now the mother of two- Angela (15) and Lexie (12), who she can’t stand. She drinks as often as she can to help her forget the fact that she traded one prison for another. Bound to Brian by the secrets that they keep. Secrets which if revealed would once again find Claire locked in another form of prison. Her ability to manipulate men to get what she wants is the key to her getting what she wants…freedom.

Brian: Still desperately trying to love Claire no matter how difficult she makes it. She is his blind spot, his weakness and for her, he made a deal with the devil…or was that actually Claire? Brian works for the City of York as a ground keeper and wants nothing more than to be with Claire. When her scheming and manipulation puts them both in danger things go from bad to worse in an instant. 

Debbie: Still married to Mark Preston, but now with two daughters, Sarah (15) and Caitlin (12) of their own. Debbie was a business woman who knew how to balance work and family with ease. She loved to take care of her family, this to her was ultimate goal in life. She always loved having Lexie and Angela over and felt like they were her second daughters. 

 Chief Mark Preston: Now sixteen years later, Mark is the Chief of Police in York Maine where he was born and raised. A wonderful father and husband and an all around great guy who considers the Stone’s part of his family. He’s on the scene when Angela’s body is found and he  takes the news hard. Vowing not to rest until justice is served.

Lexie:  Quiet and almost mousy at twelve, Lexie spends most of her time with Angela who she loves more than life itself. They endure a lot together at the hands of their parents marital discord and find solace in one another. When she’s not with her sister, Lexie, can be found with Caitlin Preston, Maya Summers, and Ben Collins.


Angela: The oldest daughter of Claire and Brian who is murdered walking home from the library one evening. She loves her sister, the moon and stars…but mostly the moon. She is fascinated by all of it’s mystery and had one day hoped to become an astronomer. 



Location: York Maine





Come take a look at the Dark Moon pinterest board to see the faces to all your favorite characters as well as scenes from the book and so much more!!


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