The Harvest Series


The Harvest Series follows Lexie Stone on her journey, as she struggles to understand  the true meaning of love, family and justice.  **SEE READING ORDER BELOW**

Reading Order for this series:

The Books are numbered 1-5 on Amazon; however, Angela (THS Prequel) can be read anywhere in the series. I do recommend you read it prior to starting Full Moon in order for you, as the reader, to get the most out of Lexie and Angela’s relationship and their story. Whatever you decide, Happy reading!!

1. Harvest Moon

2. Winter Solstice

3. Angela

4. Full Moon

5. Dark Moon


Harvest Moon (Book#1) – Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble

In a small town off the coast of Maine, life seems ordinary—predictable even. People leave their doors unlocked and everyone knows who you are. But what if the things everyone thought they knew about you were a lie? What if the picture-perfect family was anything but perfect?

Lexie lives this life every day. She’s learned to hide secrets, and the walls she’s built around her, have kept her alive. But Lexie’s about to learn one of the hardest lessons in her young life; secrets can kill.A year after Lexie Stone loses her sister, Angela, to a brutal murder, Lexie’s self-obsessed mother, Claire, walks out, leaving her with her alcoholic father, Brian. When Lexie becomes the target of Brian’s physical abuse, she makes a life changing decision…to keep her secret from everyone. A secret she hides well, until the night marking five years since Angela’s death, when the secret Lexie has kept almost kills her—forcing her to face the aftermath of her decisions.The one thing that gets Lexie through the darkness is the love she carries for her sister, Angela. A love reinforced by their dysfunctional family and Angela’s passion for astronomy, which even in death cannot be broken. But it’s this same love that threatens to destroy anything good in Lexie’s life—including her relationship with Ben—if she can’t learn to let go of the things that are out of her control. And it’s not long before Lexie realizes that letting go may mean leaving behind everything she has ever known.


Winter Solstice (Book #2) – Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble

After leaving behind the painful memories of her small town life, in York Maine, Lexie heads to California ready to live for herself.

Carrying with her, the memory of her sister Angela, Lexie finds herself making new friends, enjoying new experiences, and falling in love…

And for the first time in her life, Lexie believes she has finally found happiness.

 Except for one thing… she hasn’t been totally honest… and when the truth about Lexie’s past begins to unravel, threatening everything, she is forced to make a choice once again;

Pick up and run- denying the truth to herself, or opening her heart and let the love she has found save her.

Angela cover

Angela: A Harvest Series Prequel,  Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble 

After her father fails to pick her up, Angela sets out to walk home. A walk she has made hundreds of times in her young life. Following the path along the river, gazing up at the big beautiful sky, Angela is unaware of the danger that lurks just beyond the river bend. 

Never had she imagined that the place she loves the most, would turn into the place where her life would end. 


Full Moon (Book#3) – Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble

After years of abuse sent her running to the west coast, Lexie returns to York, Maine for one final deed…to bury her father. Only, rather than the closure she hopes for, she finds herself sliding faster and faster down a rabbit hole of secrets. Secrets she never imagined could be at the core of everything she’s so desperately tried to make sense of. At the heart of it all…her sister’s killer.

Once Pandora’s box has been opened Lexie realizes there’s no going back. No matter the cost. With the help of her friends, Lexie begins to unravel every dark and twisted piece of the puzzle until she finally gets what she’s been searching for all along…

…Love. Family. JUSTICE.

Dark Moon: A Harvest Series Novella, Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Where does evil come from…Is it born or is it created?

Claire grew up isolated; a secret her parents kept after a desperate attempt to shut out the cruel world that had wronged them. But at fifteen years old, Claire’s desire to step beyond the boundaries of her parent’s seclusion outweighs all consequences she may face if caught. When Claire’s scheme to be set free becomes a reality, it’s Brian who promises to help her, protect her even. Until Brian becomes just another pawn in Claire’s evil charade.

IMG_0083The Harvest Series Kindle Box Set (All 5 books) Available through Amazon

Enjoy all five of your favorite Harvest Series books in this complete Amazon Kindle box set.

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