The Harvest Series

The Harvest Series… What’s NEWS!!!

Let me first begin by apologizing (as usual) for not being more active these past few months. With the dual release of Winter Solstice and Angela, plus my first book signing, you’d think I would have been racing back here to shout it out from the roof tops…unfortunately life got in the way as it usually does. The release of Winter Solstice and Angela went wonderfully and the few reviews that have trickled in so far have been wonderful. Keep your eyes posted for a few of them here in the next few days.

Second, I can’t wait to share some photos from the New England Writer’s Signing (NEWS) that was held in Worcester, Ma in October. It was so fulfilling to experience this kind of thing with so many great authors, to meet an abundance of dedicated readers, and make some new friends. I am so grateful I was given the opportunity to be apart of it and I look forward to many more in the future and I hope to see some of you along the way.

As for news for the series, you will be happy to hear I have started working on Full Moon (The Harvest Series, Book 3) as well as Dark Matter (A Harvest Series Novella).  I have decided to finish Dark Matter first only because it sets a much needed foundation for Full Moon. Dark Matter, will be told from Claire Stone’s (aka: Claire McIntire- Lexie’s non-existent mother) perspective during the summer she gets pregnant with Angela!!!  You will finally get to see where her darkness comes from and why she is such a cold, unloving woman… but, be patient… you won’t get this installment UNTIL AFTER Full Moon, otherwise all the secrets would be out in the open with no real suspense left.  I promise you though, the anticipation and secrets you’ve been waiting to uncover since you began reading Harvest Moon, are sure not to disappoint. Some really dark and twisted things are in store for Lexie to uncover as she navigates through the hell she called a life for seventeen years.  She’s already overcome so much…but she has no idea what she’s about to stumble onto or how drastically everything is about to change!!!

Okay so now lets share some great photos!!!

The bookshelf in my house dedicated to the Harvest Series!!
The bookshelf in my house dedicated to the Harvest Series!!
My author table at NEWS 10/4/14
My author table at NEWS 10/4/14
Me at my table.
Me at my table.
The hubby (aka Dean Winters) and I
The hubby (aka Dean Winters) and I
The lucky winner of the Harvest Series Giveaway at the event. She won all 3 books and a ton of swag!! Congrats Charlene!!!
The lucky winner of the Harvest Series Giveaway at the event. She won all 3 books and a ton of swag!! Congrats Charlene!!!
Me with a devoted reader, Caitlin (aka Caitlin Preston)
Me with a devoted reader, Caitlin (aka Caitlin Preston)
Me and Caitlin again! Love this girl... true character inspiration is the BEST!
Me and Caitlin again! Love this girl… true character inspiration is the BEST!
The first 3 books in The Harvest Series. Thanks Judy Davison for your incredible cover art, which was the talk at my table... so many compliments and people coming over just to look at them!!
The first 3 books in The Harvest Series. Thanks Judy Davison for your incredible cover art, which was the talk at my table… so many compliments and people coming over just to look at them!!


The Harvest Series

Angela (A Harvest Series Prequel)

The time is quickly approaching for the dual release of Winter Solstice (THS, #2) and Angela (THS, prequel). Soon you’ll be seeing links for pre-ordering both books and I can hardly wait to share then with you.  So we all know Winter Solstice picks up where Harvest Moon leaves off—literally… but Angela, is a special little book. She’s only around 70 pages, so a quick read. But she is a very emotional book and won’t be for everyone… and it’s not because it’s not a great story, but more so because it’s hard to read.

We already know so much about Angela through Lexie, but in this short prequel, we get to know her from a more personal side. The story is told from Angela’s POV and brings the reader back to 2006, the year before she dies—and follows her through to the night 2007, when she is murdered. After having several ARC copies go out, I can say there were some very heavy emotions in the responses. Most understood the need for this prequel—it’s integral to the third book, Full Moon. But I can also say that there is nothing easy about writing a murder scene like this one. (Those of you who have already read HM, will understand). I cried a lot. I got sick to my stomach and I was basically a walking heap of torment for days. There are a few people I have asked not to read it, people I know who would have a difficult time with it, but for the rest of you, I hope you will give it a chance. It will be a difficult 70 pages, that hopefully you’ll think was well worth it once you get to the last book.

Angela is to come AFTER Winter Solstice in the order of the books.

Harvest Moon (THS, #1) > Winter Solstice (THS, #2) > Angela (THS, prequel) > Full Moon (THS, #3) >

Dark Matter (THS, a Novella)

 I wanted to share some great teasers for Angela and maybe even one for Winter Solstice too!!

 IMG_4961     IMG_0661

  IMG_3873    IMG_7510

And a Winter Solstice teaser, just because I can…


The Harvest Series, Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice, The Harvest Series, # 2

Is Coming Soon…

The release of Winter Solstice is on the horizon now (hopefully first week of July) and I plan to start releasing some fun stuff to get things started. I’m also hoping to find some bloggers to do pre-release reviews, maybe get a blog tour set up and start taking orders for pre-release signed copies.

So if you’re a blogger and you’re interested, please by all means, let me know!! If you’re not a blogger, but you’d like to review WS, contact me.  If you are interested in a signed copy before it goes live to the world, there is an order form under merchandise, please fill it out and I will be sure to add you to the list. *(All pre-orders will come with two bookmarks and two postcards for the series).  And remember, there is other swag available for purchase too.

Contact info:

Okay, so here are a couple of new teasers for Winter Solstice… Stay tuned for more!!!


I'd Do Anything-WS

The Harvest Series, THS: Social Issues

ReMoved: The Life of an Abused Child.

As part of my Issues Posts, I wanted to share this moving story about child abuse. You can see through Zoe’s eyes, the torment and anguish a child goes through when they live in a home where they are abused. They carry this pain around with them for years, and many children like Zoe and Lexie are more afraid to lose the things that are important to them, than they are of the abuse itself. Like Zoe, my character Lexie learned to put up walls to keep the rug from slipping out from under her.  But what she learned is that secrets are destructive and carrying your past around—letting it define you, letting it shape your future… That’s even more destructive than the secrets we keep to protect ourselves.





I’m a huge fan of Lifehouse. I love music in general and I find it hard not to incorporate it into my writing, just like my background in criminal justice. Today I sent a message to a band member of Lifehouse asking for permission to use these lyrics in Winter Solstice (The Harvest Series, #2).

*She raises her glass of wine and says, “Here’s to hoping I not only hear back, but that they’re willing to allow me to share my love for their music, with all of you… through Lexie!”

The Harvest Series

A New Look for a New Year…

Last year I started two blogs: The Harvest Series blog where I planned to focus on my writing—more specifically my series and Turn The Page Book Blog. TTPBB was born because through the process of getting Harvest Moon ready for release, I learned not only the importance of reviews, but also how difficult it can be to find people who have the time and patience for it—especially if you’re an indie author, like myself.

Looking back, I’m glad I created TTPBB. I have made connections with so many incredible indie authors and read some truly life changing stories. Oh yeah, and how could I forget all the really valuable things I’ve learned along the way.

But in October, I purchased the domain name because I really wanted an actual website. I wanted to bring both of my blogs together in one beautiful creation- somewhere for me to highlight my writing and still write reviews for other indie authors. So, shortly after purchasing this domain (with no idea what I would actually do with it), I began to migrate my two blogs into one, in the hopes that it would make moving over to an actual author website a little easier. Iit’s funny how reality is sooo far from what we saw happening in our heads at the time 🙂  While forwarding TTPBB to The Harvest Series blog was simple, this was… well, in a word. Exhausting. I can see now why people pay other people for this sort of thing.

Also in October, as I migrated these two blogs together, I wrote my first THS: issues post. At that time I promised to write these periodically and as you can tell, this hasn’t been the case. Mostly because so much came up in these past few months: some family stuff that had to take front and center, then my own writing—as we get closer to the release of Winter Solstice my stress level rises to a point of no return, and of course there is the pesky problem of my actual full-time day job. Yep, I have one those too. As for the THS: Issues posts; I plan to make it happen. My next THS: issue post (hopefully out later this week) will cover the topic: Keeping Illness a Secret.

 Ugh, so what is it I am getting at with all of this you ask? Well, for the past two days I have been slaving to put my website together… to migrate what was once The Harvest Series Blog and Turn The Page Book Blog into the site you are on now. A site that offers a more streamline way to navigate through my writing projects and the reviews emphasizing my love for reading indie authors.

But the real lesson came from what I thought would be a bit more simplified process that turned into days of researching how to move, well, two sites into one, and then navigating through DNS domain mumbo-jumbo to get everything the way I wanted it. Finally, after much yelling, cursing, hair-pulling, and more agitation than I expected, it was done.

So, without further a due, Welcome to  😉

Please take a few moments and look around. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by some of the new features I have added—The Soundtrack section for one—with, Ahum…actual music you can listen to!! 😉  I hope you will click the follow link on the right, and share my site with others as I look forward to bringing you all some really great things this year: Winter Solstice (Due out this summer), some fantastic THS: Issue posts, and some new book reviews by some incredible up and coming authors!!

Thanks for taking the time to pop over!


The Harvest Series, Winter Solstice

Exclusive Winter Solstice Teasers….

The wait is almost over… Winter Solstice (The Harvest Series, #2), will be here soon, 
but until then, enjoy these
 Exclusive Teasers

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Harvest Moon and Winter Solstice, so please take a moment and say what’s on your mind… I read all of my comments  and I promise, if you take the time to bare your soul, I will be sure to do the same!