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The Harvest Series Has Merchandise!!

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If you would like your item autographed, please contact me before you purchase it so that we can make arrangements. 

Coming Soon: Winter Solstice Merchandise!!

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The Harvest Series

Some Exciting Changes Are On The Way!!

Some exciting changes are about to happen to my author page. First, I will be merging with this blog to make things more efficient for myself. Also, I figured this would be a better way to stay connected with all of you. One blog to keep up on everything. 
Second, in addition to merging the sites and continuing on with my Indie book reviews I will also be adding an area where I will discuss articles relating to some of the social issues dealt with in my books. I will pick a topic each week or month (I have yet to decide on the frequency as of now) and then I will share my thoughts on this topic and relate it not only to The Harvest Series, but also to young adults today, in the hopes that you will all share your thoughts and feelings… or anything you want really.
I truly believe this will be a great way to educate and discuss the realities of issues such as physical abuse and keeping secrets, dysfunctional families and how they affect teens in school, their personal/romantic lives, and their decision making.  I have had some feedback from readers asking about the truth behind my story and while some of it does comes from my own personal experience, it is fictional, but NOT unrealistic by any means. Children, the elderly, significant others… they all choose to keep the secret of being abused everyday, and the reasons behind their choice is often hard for some of us to swallow, yet it happens. 
WITH THAT SAID, my goal is to make people aware of the facts of these issues as well as breakdown any barriers, discuss and debunk the myths and stereotypes that exist in the hopes that we can help even one person who feels as scared and alone as Lexie did, feel more empowered and less alone. 
Third, WE HAVE A WEB DOMAIN!!!! is officially registered and under construction. For now it is forwarded to this page, so if you type in the web address above it will bring you right here.  This blog WILL NOT be taken down once the website is up, it will be linked and still very accessible. I have my wonderful and gracious cousin MIKE DUERDEN to thank for his generosity in offering to build my website for me!! YAY MIKE!  I am excited to get to work with Mike on setting up the site and sharing it with you all. If anyone has any suggestions, I am always ears wide open! 
And finally, I am in the process of setting up several book signing events, which I mentioned briefly in my last post. However, I wanted to share that my wonderful wonderful graphic designer Judy Davison has made me some incredible bookmarks and posters. I am so excited to share them with you really soon.  As for the signings, as soon as I have dates and times locked in I will be sure to post all of the details as well as ask for your help spreading the word!! 
I will keep this site up and running as I begin to shift and merge everything… so please be patient with me until everything is complete. 
Thanks for all the love and support!!
The Harvest Series

Harvest moon (2nd Ed) coming soon…

Harvest moon has a brand new look!!!

A 2nd edition of Harvest moon will be released soon and I cannot tell you how excited I am.  The new cover art and series logo, by Judy Davison, has me completely giddy!!  The addition of my  wonderful, incredible editor, Laura LaTulipe has made my love for Harvest moon grow more than I knew possible not only because of her ability to make me a better writer, but also because of her love for HM as well. I think she said it best when she said, when all the edits were done she was going to, and I quote “pimp the hell out of it!” LOL… This made my day, no, this made my week!  

Something to know about me, if you don’t already, is that I am such an impatient person by nature and what I know now is that writing is something that requires more than just mere patience. The process of writing is simply the first and possibly the hardest part, but certainly only the beginning. I am learning that there is so much more that goes into the finished product that ends up in the hands of readers, just like me. I may learn patience in this life after all. 

With this said, I must say that I am thankful  to everyone who read HM and gave me your feedback. It’s not easy reading your own work several dozen times and seeing mistakes – regardless of how big or small.  Also, to Judy Davison for listening to what I wanted and giving me so much more with the beautiful covers (oh yeah we have the cover for Winter Solstice that will be posted very shortly) as well as the fantastic logo! And Laura, well for everything I mentioned before… Thank you for all that you have already taught me, everything I am sure you will teach me and thank you for helping me make my first novel something to be truly proud of.  

I know I have said it before, but my love for writing started with my love for reading. That love will never fade and neither will my love for writing.  I love getting reviews, messages, and comments from all of you and hearing how much you loved Lexie, Caitlin, Maya and Ben. I am excited that so many of you are just as excited as I am about Winter Solstice and I assure you I have been working hard to finish it, because I cannot wait to get it into your hands. 

I hope you enjoy the new cover, The Harvest Series logo and all of the internal tweaks and additions. One of which is the link to our new Pinterest page. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do… just search for Megan McCooey. 

Also, I am hoping to do some book signings over the next year. I will be sure to post dates and cities as they are added. Let me know if you hear of an author event in your area and I will be sure to look into joining.  

Thanks again for reading HM!! 


The Harvest Series


A year after Lexie Stone lost her sister Angela to a brutal murder, Lexie’s self-obsessed mother walks out, leaving her with her alcoholic father. When Lexie becomes the target of her father’s physical abuse, she makes a life changing decision…to keep her secret from everyone.
But, on the night marking five years since Angela’s death, the secret Lexie has kept almost kills her, forcing her to face the aftermath of her decisions.
Torn by her love for her sister, her three best friends and the inescapable feeling that unless she can let go of the past she may not survive…

But to do so, may mean leaving behind everything she has ever known.

Author: Megan McCooey
Title: Harvest Moon (Book #1 of The Harvest Series)
Genre: Fiction >Young Adult > Contemporary > Social Issues
Publication Date: March 2013
Links to Purchase: Amazon
Reviewer: Angela 

My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

Through my life I have always wanted to visit the New England states.  The way Megan captivated my attention with the setting of Harvest Moon makes me long to vacation not only to New England, but specifically Maine.  It was as if she tore me from the couch and put me next to Lexi throughout the book.  I felt the river breeze through my hair.  I could smell the Harvest Fest food.  When Lexi’s father was dragging her across the floor, he was dragging me too.  I have more of a tendency to fall in love with books settings rather than the characters, and this books setting had me hooked from page one!  

The Harvest Series


By way of random coincidence, I happened to be in a situation for work that put me in contact with local Chief of Police, Vince D’Egidio. As we got to talking about the town, his work, and my history in the criminal justice field, I mentioned my book to him. He immediately took and interest when I told him that one of the main characters in the story was a Chief of Police. 

He asked a lot of questions about the story and it’s characters and we chatted for over an hour. Then he tells me about the local newspaper, The Springfield Postmark. This local paper reaches more than 3,000 people in an around the Springfield area and every month they have a section called  “Community News” and he said he would love to write a feature article about me and my book for the May edition. Well of course I jumped, no wait, I catapulted onto this bandwagon.  

I sent him all of the information he wanted and waited… or tried to wait, patiently for May to arrive and the article to be published. I gave his department a signed copy of Harvest Moon, which he has put on display with the article in the main lobby of his station and well, his article is simply wonderful. 

Hopefully, this summer, with his continued support and enthusiasm I will be able to do a couple of local book signings and participate in some local artist events. I can hardly wait!!


For everyone who has read Harvest Moon, you know that it is a Contemporary YA book dealing with Social Issues and there is a crime element, which Chief D’Egidio mentioned comes from my educational and professional background. I will offer up this little tiny tid bit… Book #3 will be packed full of crime and legal drama. This will be the book, in the series, that ties everything together!!  

A BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC Thank you to Chief D’Egidio and the New Middleton Police Department for recognizing a local author!!!
Giveaways!, The Harvest Series

A Harvest Moon Giveaway!

Enter to win a signed copy of Harvest Moon (Book #1)
Be one of the first twenty people to enter and win a signed copy of Winter Solstice (Book #2) before it is released in the fall 2013!!

Publication Date: March 2013
Giveaway dates: Monday April 29, 2013-Wednesday May 15, 2013
Prize: 2 signed copies of Harvest Moon (Book #1 of the Harvest Series)

Author Spotlight, The Harvest Series

Harvest Moon Makes it to #1!!

After only two days of free promotion through the Amazon KDP Select program, Harvest Moon has been downloaded by hundreds of people, both domestically and internationally.

Today, I was notified that Harvest Moon was ranked #1 in the Kindle Store for the category of Death & Grief.  Woohoo, way to go Harvest Moon!!

Lets hope we can continue to move up the ranks and make it into the Amazon Kindle Top 100 eBooks!

Thanks for the support and please continue to share as well as post reviews on Amazon if you habe read Harvest Moon!

Thanks everyone,


Author Spotlight, The Harvest Series

Recent Reviews of Harvest Moon

Amazon Customer Reviews!!

Five out of Five Stars “Captivating!” By Richard 

“This was a great book, best that I have read in a long time!I really connected with some of the characters and felt like I could see myself being a part of their small close circle of friends. The storyline kept me so intrigued that I couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait for the second book!”

Five out of Five Stars “I Loved It!” By Jennifer L. 

“I couldn’t stop reading! The story just pulled me in as it made me think about my own teenage years. The characters were well thought out and relatable and I can’t wait for the next story in the series to be released!”

Five out of Five Stars “A Must Read” By Angeleyes

“This is a must read, great storyline, characters are so real you feel yourself relating to them. I cant wait to read the next book!!”

Five out of Five Stars “Awesome!” By Janette

“I was referred to this book by my sister in law. I have already sent her a thank you for letting me know about it. I could not put my Kindle down until I finished the book. This book was great and left me craving the next book in the series. I grew up in New England so I could picture most of the places in the book with ease, but the description of the area would have done fine if I hadn’t.”

Five out of Five Stars “Harvest Moon Volume 1” By A Kids Review

“Fantastic writing! This is definitely an exciting new series by a talented new author. A definite must read! Cant wait for more!”

Four out of Five Stars “A Good Read” By BookLOADS Reviews
“I started this book not knowing much about it or what to expect, and ended up reading it all in one sitting, finishing at midnight! I cringed as the gruesome details of Angela’s death were described and how it influenced the rest of Lexi’s teenage life; an event that catapulted an already tormenting living situation. As the reader, I truly felt agony for the main character and grasped the severity of emotions her friends’ felt. The story was well written, as well were the intimate scenes”

Get a FREE Kindle Edition April 22-April 24, 2013!! 

Author Spotlight, The Harvest Series

Happy 1 Month Anniversary Harvest Moon!!

So today Harvest Moon has officially been on sale for one month! Sales are still doing well and I have all of you to thank! I cannot say enough how much I appreciate all of the support I have received. Keep spreading the word and be sure to send them here… and become a Harvest Series follower!  
There has also been a lot of interest in the second book in the series. I am happy to tell you that Book #2, Winter Solstice is well under way and hopefully will be released by sometime in the fall. How exciting! 

In honor of celebrating Harvest Moon’s one month anniversary, I will be running a promotion for 3 days from April 22-24, 2013 where you can download the 
If you have enjoyed reading Harvest Moon (Book #1 of The Harvest Series) please feel free to write a review on and help me continue spreading the word!

Also, be sure to check out my sister site,