Second Chance

Second Chance BETA CoverIn the aftermath of a home invasion, Felicity Covington is left orphaned. Her parents and little brother’s murder still ringing in her ears as the hunt for the men who stole her family unravels. Who were these men? What was their motive? And will they come after Felicity?

With no where else to go, Felicity is forced to move to Boston to live with a grandmother she hardly knows. While trying to navigate through the changes and adjust to her new life, she meets Logan. A kid from the wrong side of the tracks who wears his juvie record like a badge of honor. Immediately turned off by his bad boy charms, Felicity isn’t afraid to tell him it could never work—he reminds her too much of the men who stole her family from her.

But when Felicity finds herself in danger, it’s Logan who unexpectedly comes to her rescue and together they both may get a second chance.