Huge success for 5 books…5 free days!!

As a writer, I spend countless hours perfecting my characters, double checking my storyline, and asking dedicated beta readers to sit through numerous versions of the same story. All in the hopes that my words will touch others.

Being an indie author is so much fun, but it can also be quite difficult at times. Trying to find your niche. Getting your books into the hands of readers. Compiling enough reviews so when those readers stumble across your books, they stop and take a second glance. And this is exactly why it’s so important to have a great team! From the writing, to the editing, and finally to the cover and interior design. We always say “never judge a book by its cover,” but let’s be honest, we all have. Which is why I’m so grateful to the team I have in my corner. To my editor Tom Shutt and the wonderful woman responsible for all the beautiful covers and the impeccable interior layouts…Judy Davison. (I cannot tell you how many times I hear, “oh my, these covers are gorgeous!”)

When I was deciding whether or not to take my books Kindle exclusive I was torn, because I know I have readers who rely on borrowing them from their local libraries (which you still can in paperback format) and others who purchase through small town book stores…and it is important to me that they are readily available to you. But with the series finally finished I wanted Lexie and Angela to find their place out there. For readers to get to know them and be touched by their powerful, emotional, tragic and uplifting story.

Kindle exclusive, or KDP select rather, allows indie authors like myself, several promotional options when we agree to offer our ebooks on Amazon and Amazon alone. One of which is offering up to five days where you’re books can be offered for free.

“Free? Everyone gasps, but how will you make any money?” It’s not about the money…at least not always, lol. Of course I want to make money off my hard work, but to find that niche I mentioned earlier takes time. It takes patience. It takes a willingness to look ahead. When I sat staring at these five beautiful books on the table, I realized I needed something big. I had to get The Harvest Series into as many hands as possible. Offering the series for free was how I would do that.

Each day I woke up to more downloads than the day before. I was blown away the first morning when I saw more than 400 books were now in the hands of readers across the world. And yes, I mean WORLD! From the U.S. to Denmark, France, Spain, Italy and the U.K. people were downloading The Harvest Series in droves. I was not solely responsible for this either. I had friends and family sharing my posts and spreading the word. And I had one blogger/reader friend in particular who graciously promoted the heck out of my books everyday, all week. So thank you Lisa at  ljsecretaddiction.com for all you do for me and many other authors.

Now, at the end of the five day promo, I couldn’t be happier in my decision. The reason? 1,380 copies of The Harvest Series were downloaded worldwide!!

I want to say thank you to all of you who diligently shared, by post or word of mouth,  about this unique little series or to those of you who took the time to download it.

As new reviews begin to trickle in my hope now is that Lexie and Angela will find there place in the big ol’ book world  out there.


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Amazon Kindle Storytellers Contestant!


Crossroads-Ella-ThomasGreat news friends and family! Crossroads: The Ella Thomas Story has been entered into the Amazon Kindle Storytellers Competition for a chance to be chosen for an International book deal and some other great prizes, but in order to win, I NEED YOUR HELP!

Here’s how it works…Here’s how you can help…

Crossroads: The Ella Thomas Story is available for Kindle e-book pre-order for only .99 and will release on May 15, 2017. Pre-order your copy now and when it automatically downloads on 5/15, read it and DON’T FORGET to rate it on Amazon NO LATER than June 1, 2017 to help move me onto round 2! It’s a short, quick read so you can do! Here’s how round one works.

First Round. From 20th May 2017 through 1st June 2017, each Book will be rated based on the commercial viability of the Book (including, without limitation, with regards to the Book’s sales, borrows and customer feedback), and five finalists will be selected to move onto the final round, where a panel of judges will pick one lucky winner!!!

Crossroads: The Ella Thomas Story

When new girl Carly Matthews, arrives at Souhegan High School, Ella and her four best friends—Olivia, Rebecca, Sophia and Hailey, immediately feel threatened. Senior year is supposed to be carefree and easy. But when the rumors start, actions are set into motion. Actions that can’t easily be undone. The newspapers paint them as “real life mean girls,” but this is not who they are…or rather who they were.

A hierarchy of popularity, years in the making, is uncovered when Carly’s uninhibited behaviors thrust Ella and her friends into a storm of bullying that leads them down a path they never imagined. Until finally Ella finds herself at a Crossroads where she must decide between standing along side her friends to finish what they started, or come forward and take responsibility for what they’ve done. But just remember, whatever path you might choose for Ella…In real life, you can never go back!

Click here for a preview.


The Harvest Series goes Kindle Exclusive!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Hello Harvest Fans! Great news here. With the fast approaching book signings coming up, (Raleigh & Boston) I have decided to take The Harvest Series Kindle Exclusive! For at least the next 90-days, The Harvest Series will only be available through Amazon Kindle. Why would I do this now, you ask?

  1. If you or anyone you know has a Kindle Unlimited account, you are now able to borrow and lend all the books in the series for free.
  2. Starting on Monday 24, 2017 and running through April 28, 2017 I will be running an e-book special (which is exclusive to Kindle Select) where ALL FIVE BOOKS IN THE SERIES WILL BE FREE FOR 5 WHOLE DAYS! Yes, you read that right. All 5 books, FREE for 5 days. This will be your chance to download all of the Kindle e-books, free of charge!


3. Enrolling them exclusively through Kindle allows an indie author like me more exposure, by offering the ability to run specials to help build a bigger following and of course sell more books! I often have some of you ask why I don’t do more than one or two book signings per year and to honest, because they can be expensive. Time away from work, travel expenses, and all the marketing involved. BUT, with more exposure, a bigger fan base and more book sales I will be able to visit more cities every year!

New England Writer’s Signing (NEWS) 2014

4. By offering up my books for free for a limited time, this means more downloads and HOPEFULLY more reviews. Reviews might seem unimportant, but in fact reviews are the exact thing that help indie authors. The more reviews left on sites like Amazon, and Goodreads the bigger the books boost. Those boosts help with a books ranking, which then increases the books overall exposure. Reviews need not be long or complex, just write what you feel – – even if it’s just one sentence. And if you’re more the strong silent type,  review it with a star rating. Which ever you choose, be sure to at least review it!!

leave a review

author friends

5. The more exposure I am able to receive the more willing libraries, schools and book fairs will be to stock my books, which is one more way, you as the reader, can access them free of charge. As a YA author, libraries and book fairs are essential for reaching more of my target market. Not to mention simple word of mouth, lending, and those reviews… REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW!

So you see, this is why I have chosen this route. I apologize for anyone who typically uses ibooks or B&N for purchases. I promise they will eventually be available through these channels again, but don’t forget the Kindle app is always free to download on any device!

Happy reading and don’t forget to download your FREE copies of The Harvest Series Monday April 24-Friday April 28!!!


Full Moon (The Harvest Series, #3)

As promised, some fun teasers to accompany the conclusion of The Harvest Series…

Teaser #1 (Full Moon Poem, by Megan McCooey)

Full Moon


Teaser #2 (Chapter: Evidence)



Teaser #3 (Chapter: The Truth)



Teaser #4 (Chapter: Then Comes Marriage…)



Teaser # 5 (Chapter: Then Comes Marriage…)





And for one last Full Moon Teaser, once you have reached the very last page… Click here!


Full Moon & Dark Moon, Dual Release…

The time has finally come…Full Moon and Dark Moon, dual release March 31st!! I know I know, you’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for these final two installments of The Harvest Series. Well wait no more, because the time has finally arrived! I am so excited to share the gripping ending to this emotional series. We’ve watched Lexie get pushed down, knocked around, get back up and persevere through quite a bit over the years…but trust me, you ain’t seen nothin yet!

In Full Moon, (The Harvest Series #3) we get to follow Lexie through the final stage of her journey as she uncovers secrets she never imagined to be at the core of everything she’s spent years desperately trying to make sense of. And at the heart of it all…her sister’s killer. It’s sure to be an emotional ride as Lexie begins to unravel every dark and twisted piece of the puzzle until she finally gets what she’s been searching for all along…Love. Family. JUSTICE!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… Dark Moon, (A Harvest Series Novella) forces you to question where evil comes from. Is it born or is it created? You get to see where it all began. Where Claire and Brian begin. Where the tragedy and heartache that shaped the lives of Lexie and Angela first manifested. Dark Moon will take you on a journey with Claire, which parallels the year 1991, when at fifteen Claire discovers some very disturbing things about her own parents, leading her down a path immensely intertwined with events in 2007 when Angela is murdered.


Ebook versions of both Full Moon and Dark Moon will be available on March 31st. Paperback copies will be available mid April. For signed paperback copies, contact me at author@meganmccooey.com



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beachAfter a looong and patient wait, I am  excited to share with you that Full Moon is in its final stages before release. Stay tuned for a cover reveal and release date announcement, but in the meantime let me share a few things and tell you a little bit about the book you’ve been waiting for…

SO first, I will tell you why this book took FOREVER. I originally wrote Dark Moon (over a year ago), believing it was the story that needed to be shared before the final book. Before Full Moon. Until I began writing Full Moon. It was almost impossible to come from the angle I wanted to and I kept feeling this writer’s block even though I had the story, so clearly in my head. I sat back for a couple of days trying to figure out what the problem was. Then it hit me! Bam, smack in the face. “How had I not realized this sooner?”  I asked myself over and over. I feverishly began texting with some of the coolest beta readers I know (who had already read Dark Moon forwards and backwards), to ask their opinion. Tell them my dilemma and where my head was. Presto…we all agree. Dark Moon COULD NOT be told first if Full Moon was to have the same suspenseful impact. And there is was. The decision to put Dark Moon at the very end of the series and my fingers couldn’t type fast enough. Three days and 195 pages later, I had the first draft done! But then the real work started and that brings us to this point. The final touches. The cover, the interior, the primping and making perfect all the parts to put it into your hands. Which I promise is just within reach.

As for Full Moon and what you can expect…

After years of abuse sent her running to the west coast, Lexie returns to York, Maine for one final deed…to bury her father. Only, rather than the closure she hopes for, she finds herself sliding faster and faster down a rabbit hole of secrets. Secrets she never imagined could be at the core of everything she’s so desperately tried to make sense of. At the heart of it all…her sister’s killer.

Once Pandora’s box has been opened Lexie realizes there’s no going back. No matter the cost. With the help of her friends, Lexie begins to unravel every dark and twisted piece of the puzzle until she finally gets what she’s been searching for all along…

Love. Family. JUSTICE.


*Teasers coming soon!



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Dark Moon is on the horizon…

IMG_4715Remember Claire and Brian Stone from Harvest Moon? Yeah you know the ones…Lexie’s no good abusive parents? Well they are back in a way you never imagined. Dark Moon is on the horizon and will be told from Claire’s point of view. The inspiration for this short little novella was actually all the loyal readers who kept asking how it all began. Why Claire stayed with Brian when she clearly hates him. Why she chose to have two daughter with him. Two daughters she seemed to loath more than she loathed Brian, and that says a lot.

Dark Moon, A Harvest Series Novella

Where does evil come from…Is it born or is it created?

Claire grew up isolated; a secret her parents kept after a desperate attempt to shut out the cruel world that had wronged them. But at fifteen years old, Claire’s desire to step beyond the boundaries of her parent’s seclusion outweighs all consequences she may face if caught. When Claire’s scheme to be set free becomes a reality, it’s Brian who promises to help her, protect her even. Until Brian becomes just another pawn in Claire’s evil charade.

Dark Moon is a short novella that parallels Claire in 1991 at fifteen and Claire in 2007 and will come with a disclaimer similar to Angela. While all of the books in The Harvest Series are targeted toward young adults, some of the content in Dark Moon is rather edgy and intended for an older teen audience.

Now with Dark Moon just about ready to go, Full Moon, The Harvest Series, #3 will be top priority. But one thing you should know…you have to read Dark Moon BEFORE you read Full Moon. It’s imperative. Now, with that said, if there’s anyone who can’t read Dark Moon, this doesn’t mean you will be lost in Full Moon, but Dark Moon paves the way for a lot of the Stone family secrets that will emerge throughout Full Moon. While you’ll still see who, what, when, and where… you won’t necessarily understand the WHY! And that’s all I will say about that.

As of now, Dark Moon will be out sometime this summer. Hopefully by July, maybe sooner if everything falls into place. Please feel free to send me an email me at author@meganmccooey.com if you’d like a signed copy once it’s released and I will get the invoices sent out just as soon as we are ready to publish!

Also, keep your eyes open for a Dark Moon Cover reveal….Coming Soon

And if you haven’t started The Harvest Seriesnow is as good a time as any… so take a look around and feel free to comment, email or reach out to me in any way.

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★★★★★ Reviews for Crossroads!

“Loved it. extremely powerful read. I have never read a book that has affected me so emotionally as this story has. Highly recommend it. If you only read one book this week make it this one. You will not be sorry that you did.”

-Teresa Rhodes-Smith via Amazon Reviews.

 “I emotionally felt everything Delia was feeling. You are an excellent writer. Thank you for sharing. I will definitely recommend this book.”

-Teresa Rhodes-Smith to me, via Facebook.

“I absolutely loved this book! I couldn’t put it down. The character development was impressive for a relatively quick read and it was very realistic. It should be on the required reading list for highschool students as it clearly delivers a very powerful message. I can’t wait to read more of Megan McCooey’s work!” 

-Mia Scalfani via Amazon Reviews

“For my fellow bookworms…this is a fantastic read authored by a talented, long time friend of mine. I read it in one sitting…loved it! I was also super excited to find out not only did she thank me in the acknowledgements, she named the doctor in the book after me! Wayyy more recognition than I deserve for a fun medical ed conversation we had last summer, Megan McCooey and to my teacher friends (or anyone with teenagers)- this should with out a doubt be on the required reading list for highschool students. This incredibly well written story delivers a powerful message.”

-Mia Scalfani to me via Facebook.


Please grab your $.99 ebook copy today!!

A great read for anyone, especially if you’re a teen or have teens of your own, work with teens or know anyone who takes the risk of drinking and driving, this short story is highly recommended!