Harvest Moon

a218f-harvest-moonIn a small town off the coast of Maine, life seems ordinary—predictable even. People leave their doors unlocked and everyone knows who you are. But what if the things everyone thought they knew about you were a lie? What if the picture-perfect family was anything but perfect?

Lexie lives this life every day. She’s learned to hide secrets and the walls she’s built around her have kept her alive. But Lexie’s about to learn one of the hardest lessons in her young life. Secrets can kill.

When Lexie’s self-obsessed mother walks out, leaving her with her alcoholic father, Lexie becomes the target of his physical abuse. Scared and alone Lexie makes a life changing decision—to keep it a secret.  A secret she hides well. Until the night her secret almost kills her.  Now forced to face the aftermath of her choices, Lexie must accept that moving forward may mean leaving behind everything she has ever known.

Meet the Characters:


Alexandria Stone (Lexie): The protagonist of the story. Lexie is 17 years old and lives in York, where she has lived her whole life. She is a loner; only sharing her time with her 3 best friends- Caitlin, Maya & Ben. She has a difficult time letting anyone in, does not trust easily, and it very secretive. It is those very secrets that almost get her killed.  When Lexie isn’t spending time with her closest friends, she is down at the river where she feels closest to her sister. 


Angela Stone: Lexie’s sister who was murdered when Lexie was 12. Lexie has a hard time with Angela’s death and has not overcome her grief from the loss. Angela loved everything about astronomy. But she loved the moon more than anything. She believes it was fate that led her to this passion because she was born with a crescent shaped birthmark. This marking helped law enforcement identify her badly beaten body. Angela spent a lot of time at the river-her favorite spot-star gazing and she shared this love with Lexie. Find out more about her in Angela (A Harvest Series Prequel)


Brian Stone: Lexie’s Alcoholic father who has been physically abusing Lexie for years. He works for the town of York and appears to be an upstanding resident and a decent father who has had a string of bad luck-his older daughter is murdered and shortly after his wife walks out, leaving him to raise his young teenage daughter. 



Claire Stone: Lexie’s Self-obsessed mother who walks out on Lexie a year afterAngela’s death. Lexie and Claire have a very strained relationship to say the least, in fact, she began abusing Lexie both mentally and emotionally long before her father’s physical abuse. Find out more about her in Dark Moon (A Harvest Series Novella).


Caitlin Preston: One of Lexie’s best friends and the daughter of Chief Preston.  Lexie is close to Caitlin’s whole family as Caitlin’s sister Sara was best friends with Angela. Caitlin becomes Lexie’s rock when her secret is blown wide open. She supports Lexie and tries to understand what she is going through rather than being judgmental. She is the mediator of the group. 



Maya Summers: One of Lexie’s best friends who lives in York. Maya really helped Lexie get through the hardship of Angela’s death. She is a good listener and a good friend to Lexie. However, Lexie thinks she can be overbearing sometimes and always wants to talk everything out, which Lexie doesn’t always want to do.


 ben3Ben Collins: Lexie’s best friend and the boy next door. He has lived in York his whole life, growing up next door to Lexie. He is rugged and athletic, but is a total softy for his three best girlfriends. He is reliable and dependable. He pushes Lexie in ways that no one else does and she values his opinion substantially.  Lexie has always had a crush on Ben, but fears ruining their friendship if she ever acted on it…until she does.

chief preston

Chief Preston: York’s Chief of Police and Caitlin’s father. He treats Lexie and Maya like his own daughters and is very protective. He’s never gotten over the fact that they were unable to solve Angela’s murder and Lexie finds proof that he may still be looking-unofficially. 

debbieDebbie Preston: Chief Preston’s wife, and Caitlin’s mother. She is the mother Lexie and Angela never had. She loves the girls like her own and is sweet, loyal, and always there for her family.


Come take a look at the Harvest Moon Pinterest page to see the faces to all your favorite characters as well as scenes from the book and so much more!!  

Location: York Maine is  small coastal town nestled in York County near the Southern tip of the state. York is home to several popular beaches and is situated beside the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Maine. It is a well-known tourist spot in the summer with tons to do, including an amusement park and York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo. 

york1416 copy


willow tree




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