The Willow Harper Story

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Willow Harper has been counting down the days till her eighteenth birthday for as long as she can remember. For her, turning eighteen is about finally being free. Free of the name her parents gave her. Free from the town where she grew up. Free from all the pity stares she’s had to endure since the day her entire life changed.

As she heads off to college, Willow is excited. She gets to be whomever she wants…no one knows her tragic past or the life she has spent years trying to escape.  When she meets Brynn Camden—a headstrong party girl who could care less what any one thinks of her, Willow is immediately drawn to her. The two become inseparable and Willow finally feels as if everything is falling into place. But when simple experimentation turns into what can only be addiction, Willow finds herself faced with choices that could mean the difference, between life or death.