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After her father fails to pick her up from the library, Angela sets out to walk home. A walk she has made hundreds of times in her young life. Following the path along the river, gazing up at the big beautiful sky, Angela is unaware of the danger that lurks just beyond the river bend. Never had she imagined that the place she loves the most, would turn into the place where her life would end. **Disclaimer** If you have already read Harvest Moon, you know how Angela dies; therefore, please proceed with caution as you read this short prequel from Angela’s point of view, as it contains a very emotional, dramatic depiction of her rape and murder.


Meet the Characters:

angelaAngela Stone: The protagonist of the story and Lexie’s sister. Angela loves the moon and wants to someday be an astronomer. She was born with a crescent shaped birthmark, which she believes is a sign. She has two best friends, Sarah Preston (Older sister to Lexie’s friend Caitlin) and Kim McDonald.


young lexieLexie Stone: Angela’s little sister and the main character throughout the rest of the series. Lexie is three years younger than Angela and they are very close. They spend a lot of time together at the river, where Angela teaches her about the moon. 


sarahSarah Preston: One of Angela’s best friends and the daughter of Chief Preston (sister of Caitlin Preston) She’s sweet and bubbly and constantly trying to talk Angela into letting go a little of Lexie so she can enjoy herself more.


sarahKim McDonald: One of Angela’s best friends and the “bitch” of the group. Kim is overly boy crazed and often tries to talk Sarah and Angela into doing things they could get in trouble for. She uses her looks and sex-appeal to get what she wants and never takes no for an answer.

Come take a look at the Angela Pinterest page to see the faces to all your favorite characters as well as scenes from the book and so much more!!

Location: York Maine

York Maine is  small coastal town nestled in York County near the Southern tip of the state. York is home to several popular beaches and is situated beside the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Maine. It is a well-known tourist spot in the summer with tons to do, including an amusement park and York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo.




Book Teasers:

img_0661 img_3873 img_3958 img_4961 img_7510


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