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Megs_hummingbird blueI can honestly say the scariest part of publishing my first novel was trying to find people to read it. Of course I had plenty of friends who were eager to help, but I wanted unbiased individuals to tell me like it was. I want my work to be my best and I want to know when it’s not. With that said, I decided what better way to make not only my blog worth while, but also to get myself out there in the self-publishing/indie world than to start reviewing, and that’s where Turn The Page Book Blog came in; However, as of October 2013 TTP and Megan McCooey.com has been merged into one website, which is where you are at now. All of the content is here, so please have a look around.

Now that we have all that squared away, let me actually tell you a little about ME. I have a BS and an MS in criminal justice. I love studying criminal behavior… it’s so fascinating, So there will probably always be aspects of this in my writing.  Until a couple of years ago, I worked as an adult probation & parole officer and I can say this…It’s always interesting and exhilarating work. These days…well, I’m still dancing in the same circles, but from a different vantage point. Currently, I am the regional territory manager for a jail commissary company. I get to spend my days working from home or on the road. Hanging out with county Sheriff’s and their staff and while I am a total introvert, the social butterfly side of me gets to spread her wings and fly a bit.
I grew up in New England… close to the beach, eating seafood, practically from the day I was born. I typically can’t go to a restaurant without ordering some variation of it and when you get me back to my stomping grounds, I am pretty much out of control. My husband actually thinks it’s an addiction. LOL!
I currently live in North Carolina. My husband and I bought a beautiful piece of land out in the country–close enough to the hustle and bustle without actually living in it. We have the makings of a small petting zoo, LOL, not really, but close. We have our wonderful rescues, Bailey, Madison, our sweet little papillon, Emma and our newest rescue, our great pyrenees x treeing walker coonhound mix, Layla.  Up until recently we also had our tortious shell & white calico cat Cassie, and our sweet sweet papillon Daisy Mae, but we lost both of these little loves this summer, 2021 at the age of 13 and 14, to cancer.
We love our life here and we are a close knit family. We spend a lot of time together hiking, camping, playing in our yard or even just snuggling up in bed. The best part about living in North Carolina; I have the mountains 2 hours to the west and the beach 3 hours to the east…how can you beat that?

Reading is one of the things that got me to where I am today. I know that may sound crazy, but if you ask the small group of friends who have known me since birth, they will attest to this as well. When I was young I latched onto reading as an outlet and somehow it became just that. So while my walls were closing in, the screaming growing louder, and the pain became more visible, I turned to my books and they SAVED MY LIFE! I think it was the idea that I could connect to the characters and pretend to be someone else…somewhere else, anywhere but in my own life. Over time this avid love for reading became like a mentor who never stopped showing me that I could have more, that I deserved more…My love for reading was something I both flaunted as well as hid over the years. It truly is my dirty little vice, and unless you’re an avid reader, it’s not always easy to understand -a love for…books? YES! Today I would scream it from my rooftop… I LOVE TO READ!!

Ahhh, so now that we have deduced that I am crazy about books, let me tell you I have an eclectic taste when it comes to reading and I can go from a YA novel to Dean Koontz, to A Dog’s purpose, to paranormal, all in a day’s time… I tend to get wrapped up in characters in the books I enjoy, and I hate to see a good book end, which is why I looove series.
As for my writing, I write from the heart. I experienced a lot of life lessons in my teen years, and this is when my love for reading manifested into my love for writing, which is probably why I love to write YA. I can relate (on a very real—very raw level) to a lot of the things my characters go through, which I believe is not only good for my writing, but therapeutic for me as well. As my characters work through their problems; stumble around and try to make sense of all the pain, as they learn the lessons they must learn—I learn too. I learn to let go of some of the things I’ve held onto for years—some of my own pain, and even some of the “why me” questions I struggled with.
I plan to dabble in other things, but I thoroughly enjoy this genre both in terms of reading and writing.  So please feel free to check out all of my available and upcoming books.
If you have any questions or comments about me or my writing, please feel free to email me at author@meganmccooey.com
If you are interested in having me review your book, please read my review policy.

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