Who Rescued Who?

My Newest Work in Progress…And Cover Reveal.

I have officially begun working on Who Rescued Who? and I am so excited to share it. It’s taken me a long time to start this novel. The truth is, I’ve had a rough outline for this story for more than a decade, but never quite knew why it never came to fruition, until recently. You see, this novel is loosely based on true events. Mostly the true events being about the dog––whose real name is Bailey, but has been changed in the story. She is the true inspiration for every ounce of love in this story. But there were parts missing. Parts I didn’t know how to write. And so I have been patient, because this story is so close to my heart.

After the sudden loss of one of our pups this summer, Daisy Mae, a lot of things came into focus. One of those things being the excruciating pain of losing a fur baby and how that grief unfolds. I’d never experienced this kind of loss before and I think it made it impossible for me to articulate what needed written for this story. Also, it brought the depth of my relationship with Bailey to the forefront and caused anxiety for me at the idea of losing her. And not just Bailey, but my darling little Emma and Maddy too. It made me stop and think about how fragile my time with them is. How quickly they come into our lives to love us and how short our time with them truly is. Out of this heartache and understanding I was also reminded of the precious gift they have been to me. Finally I felt like I had all of the pieces to begin writing, Who Rescued Who?

Tell me what you think of the cover and please fell free to share your dog stories with me. I cannot wait to hear how you were saved by your four-legged best friend(s)

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