Gear Girl, by J.M. Davis

Awaking in a strange place, Eleanor is afraid, and panicked. Unfamiliar people claiming to be her family nurse her back to health, but their vague answers seem to only stir up more questions. Where is she? How did she get the scar in the center of her chest? And what happened to her memories?

Over time, Eleanor learns she has been fitted with a mechanical heart, and the body she inhabits once belonged to someone else. With the truth finally revealed, depression nearly drives her to her deathbed. After being rushed to the hospital, Eleanor must learn to accept her second-chance at life.Believing she is less than human with her steel heart, Eleanor needs a reminder that she is more than just clockwork, and gears. Percy Oliver, does just that. But, is her heart capable of love? Or is it just a machine crafted of cold metal?

Author: J.M. Davis
Title: Gear Girl
Genre: Teen & Young Adult>Historical Sci-Fi & Fantasy>Romance>Steampunk
Publication Date: June 15, 2016
Links to Purchase: Amazon
My Review: 5 Stars 
WHAT AN INCREDIBLE STORY! From start to finish, Gear Girl was flawless!!!
I will admit I went into this book with the impression it was dystopian. But the more I read the more I felt like a little girl reading passages out of little women. There were references to clothing and scenes that were definitely not modern and I contemplated asking the author what year the story was set in. Then decided I needed to be patient.  Clining to every word. Every beautiful description. And finally it was revealed. The year is 1898.
J.M. Davis has a gift for recreating historical fiction in a way I’ve never seen. Eleanor’s situation makes you not only feel for her, but with her. All the emotions she’s experiencing including losing her will to live, fear of the unknown, and even resentment for choices that were made without her consent.
There were times I was yelling at Eleanor. And times I wanted to yell for her.
I love how J.M Davis is able to make you feel like you are living in this time, 1898. From the descriptions, to the flow of the language, to the sarcastic banter. Her gift poured off the pages. I often found myself thinking, “how ever did she capture this time period so well?” Oh and her ability to re-invent devices, procedures and techniques used in medicine everyday today, the way she does, was phenomenal. Which leads me to the fact that I had no idea what steampunk was. Laugh all you want. I know…as an author. A young adult author, I should have known this. I’d heard the term, sure, but when I was setting up this review and saw this was a subcategory for Gear Girl I curiosly looked it up. I have to admit, I’m a fan of steampunk!! I’m a fan of J.M. Davis.
When we finally meet Percy we’re ready for Eleanor to fight! Fight to live. Fight for love. Fight for all the things we want her to so desperately to experience. As a reader, I loved Percy. I swooned over Percy. He’s Lively, sarcastic, and whimsical, with a spirit larger than life. As a fellow writer, I was in awe and envy of Percy. He captivated the pages and left you flipping well into the night. To see him and Eleanor together was even better. When she finally gets to bring him outdoors…to “paradise”, you watch their relationship blossom and even this was written beautifully. Oh and that ending…I cried. I got mad. Then I ugly cried some more. Finally, I took a deep breath and knew this book had captured my heart in so many ways. So many ways!!

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