Crossroads Goes FREE for Five Days!!

Are you a fan of choose your own adventure books? If you said yes, then the Crossroads stories may be you’re new favorite addiction!



Crossroads-KindleCrossroads: The Delia Landon Story

On the night of her high school graduation, Delia Landon attends a party with her friends, to celebrate all they’ve accomplished. A night filled with laughter, dancing, and drinking. Her three best friends—Courtney, Lindsay and Beth—are extremely intoxicated as they climb into the back of Brandon’s jeep. Courtney yells to Delia one last time, “Come on, Delia, get your ass in this jeep! Woohoo! We graduated, so let’s celebrate!!” Suddenly, Delia finds herself at a crossroads. Either she ignores her parents warning and goes with her friends, letting the party continue or she says no to the peer pressure and calls it a night.

Whatever choice you make, just remember, in life… you can never go back!

EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon for FREE starting Wednesday June 14-June 18

Crossroads-Ella-ThomasCrossroads: The Ella Thomas story

When new girl Carly Matthews, arrives at Souhegan High School, Ella and her four best friends—Olivia, Rebecca, Sophia, and Hailey—immediately feel threatened. Senior year is supposed to be carefree and easy. But when the rumors start, actions are set into motion. Actions that can’t easily be undone. The newspapers paint them as “real life mean girls,” but this is not who they are…or rather who they were.
A hierarchy of popularity, years in the making, is uncovered when Carly’s uninhibited behaviors thrust Ella and her friends into a storm of bullying that leads them down a path they never imagined. Until finally Ella finds herself at a Crossroads where she must decide between standing alongside her friends to finish what they started, or come forward and take responsibility for what they’ve done. But just remember, whatever path you might choose for Ella…in real life, you can never go back.

EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon for FREE starting Wednesday June 14-June 18


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