The Harvest Series goes Kindle Exclusive!

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Hello Harvest Fans! Great news here. With the fast approaching book signings coming up, (Raleigh & Boston) I have decided to take The Harvest Series Kindle Exclusive! For at least the next 90-days, The Harvest Series will only be available through Amazon Kindle. Why would I do this now, you ask?

  1. If you or anyone you know has a Kindle Unlimited account, you are now able to borrow and lend all the books in the series for free.
  2. Starting on Monday 24, 2017 and running through April 28, 2017 I will be running an e-book special (which is exclusive to Kindle Select) where ALL FIVE BOOKS IN THE SERIES WILL BE FREE FOR 5 WHOLE DAYS! Yes, you read that right. All 5 books, FREE for 5 days. This will be your chance to download all of the Kindle e-books, free of charge!


3. Enrolling them exclusively through Kindle allows an indie author like me more exposure, by offering the ability to run specials to help build a bigger following and of course sell more books! I often have some of you ask why I don’t do more than one or two book signings per year and to honest, because they can be expensive. Time away from work, travel expenses, and all the marketing involved. BUT, with more exposure, a bigger fan base and more book sales I will be able to visit more cities every year!

New England Writer’s Signing (NEWS) 2014

4. By offering up my books for free for a limited time, this means more downloads and HOPEFULLY more reviews. Reviews might seem unimportant, but in fact reviews are the exact thing that help indie authors. The more reviews left on sites like Amazon, and Goodreads the bigger the books boost. Those boosts help with a books ranking, which then increases the books overall exposure. Reviews need not be long or complex, just write what you feel – – even if it’s just one sentence. And if you’re more the strong silent type,  review it with a star rating. Which ever you choose, be sure to at least review it!!

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5. The more exposure I am able to receive the more willing libraries, schools and book fairs will be to stock my books, which is one more way, you as the reader, can access them free of charge. As a YA author, libraries and book fairs are essential for reaching more of my target market. Not to mention simple word of mouth, lending, and those reviews… REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW!

So you see, this is why I have chosen this route. I apologize for anyone who typically uses ibooks or B&N for purchases. I promise they will eventually be available through these channels again, but don’t forget the Kindle app is always free to download on any device!

Happy reading and don’t forget to download your FREE copies of The Harvest Series Monday April 24-Friday April 28!!!

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