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Amazon Kindle Storytellers Contestant!


Crossroads-Ella-ThomasGreat news friends and family! Crossroads: The Ella Thomas Story has been entered into the Amazon Kindle Storytellers Competition for a chance to be chosen for an International book deal and some other great prizes, but in order to win, I NEED YOUR HELP!

Here’s how it works…Here’s how you can help…

Crossroads: The Ella Thomas Story is available for Kindle e-book pre-order for only .99 and will release on May 15, 2017. Pre-order your copy now and when it automatically downloads on 5/15, read it and DON’T FORGET to rate it on Amazon NO LATER than June 1, 2017 to help move me onto round 2! It’s a short, quick read so you can do! Here’s how round one works.

First Round. From 20th May 2017 through 1st June 2017, each Book will be rated based on the commercial viability of the Book (including, without limitation, with regards to the Book’s sales, borrows and customer feedback), and five finalists will be selected to move onto the final round, where a panel of judges will pick one lucky winner!!!

Crossroads: The Ella Thomas Story

When new girl Carly Matthews, arrives at Souhegan High School, Ella and her four best friends—Olivia, Rebecca, Sophia and Hailey, immediately feel threatened. Senior year is supposed to be carefree and easy. But when the rumors start, actions are set into motion. Actions that can’t easily be undone. The newspapers paint them as “real life mean girls,” but this is not who they are…or rather who they were.

A hierarchy of popularity, years in the making, is uncovered when Carly’s uninhibited behaviors thrust Ella and her friends into a storm of bullying that leads them down a path they never imagined. Until finally Ella finds herself at a Crossroads where she must decide between standing along side her friends to finish what they started, or come forward and take responsibility for what they’ve done. But just remember, whatever path you might choose for Ella…In real life, you can never go back!

Click here for a preview.

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