Full Moon & Dark Moon, Dual Release…

The time has finally come…Full Moon and Dark Moon, dual release March 31st!! I know I know, you’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for these final two installments of The Harvest Series. Well wait no more, because the time has finally arrived! I am so excited to share the gripping ending to this emotional series. We’ve watched Lexie get pushed down, knocked around, get back up and persevere through quite a bit over the years…but trust me, you ain’t seen nothin yet!

In Full Moon, (The Harvest Series #3) we get to follow Lexie through the final stage of her journey as she uncovers secrets she never imagined to be at the core of everything she’s spent years desperately trying to make sense of. And at the heart of it all…her sister’s killer. It’s sure to be an emotional ride as Lexie begins to unravel every dark and twisted piece of the puzzle until she finally gets what she’s been searching for all along…Love. Family. JUSTICE!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse… Dark Moon, (A Harvest Series Novella) forces you to question where evil comes from. Is it born or is it created? You get to see where it all began. Where Claire and Brian begin. Where the tragedy and heartache that shaped the lives of Lexie and Angela first manifested. Dark Moon will take you on a journey with Claire, which parallels the year 1991, when at fifteen Claire discovers some very disturbing things about her own parents, leading her down a path immensely intertwined with events in 2007 when Angela is murdered.


Ebook versions of both Full Moon and Dark Moon will be available on March 31st. Paperback copies will be available mid April. For signed paperback copies, contact me at author@meganmccooey.com



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