The Harvest Series

A New Look for a New Year…

Last year I started two blogs: The Harvest Series blog where I planned to focus on my writing—more specifically my series and Turn The Page Book Blog. TTPBB was born because through the process of getting Harvest Moon ready for release, I learned not only the importance of reviews, but also how difficult it can be to find people who have the time and patience for it—especially if you’re an indie author, like myself.

Looking back, I’m glad I created TTPBB. I have made connections with so many incredible indie authors and read some truly life changing stories. Oh yeah, and how could I forget all the really valuable things I’ve learned along the way.

But in October, I purchased the domain name because I really wanted an actual website. I wanted to bring both of my blogs together in one beautiful creation- somewhere for me to highlight my writing and still write reviews for other indie authors. So, shortly after purchasing this domain (with no idea what I would actually do with it), I began to migrate my two blogs into one, in the hopes that it would make moving over to an actual author website a little easier. Iit’s funny how reality is sooo far from what we saw happening in our heads at the time 🙂  While forwarding TTPBB to The Harvest Series blog was simple, this was… well, in a word. Exhausting. I can see now why people pay other people for this sort of thing.

Also in October, as I migrated these two blogs together, I wrote my first THS: issues post. At that time I promised to write these periodically and as you can tell, this hasn’t been the case. Mostly because so much came up in these past few months: some family stuff that had to take front and center, then my own writing—as we get closer to the release of Winter Solstice my stress level rises to a point of no return, and of course there is the pesky problem of my actual full-time day job. Yep, I have one those too. As for the THS: Issues posts; I plan to make it happen. My next THS: issue post (hopefully out later this week) will cover the topic: Keeping Illness a Secret.

 Ugh, so what is it I am getting at with all of this you ask? Well, for the past two days I have been slaving to put my website together… to migrate what was once The Harvest Series Blog and Turn The Page Book Blog into the site you are on now. A site that offers a more streamline way to navigate through my writing projects and the reviews emphasizing my love for reading indie authors.

But the real lesson came from what I thought would be a bit more simplified process that turned into days of researching how to move, well, two sites into one, and then navigating through DNS domain mumbo-jumbo to get everything the way I wanted it. Finally, after much yelling, cursing, hair-pulling, and more agitation than I expected, it was done.

So, without further a due, Welcome to  😉

Please take a few moments and look around. I think you will be pleasantly surprised by some of the new features I have added—The Soundtrack section for one—with, Ahum…actual music you can listen to!! 😉  I hope you will click the follow link on the right, and share my site with others as I look forward to bringing you all some really great things this year: Winter Solstice (Due out this summer), some fantastic THS: Issue posts, and some new book reviews by some incredible up and coming authors!!

Thanks for taking the time to pop over!


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