The Harvest Series

Some Exciting Changes Are On The Way!!

Some exciting changes are about to happen to my author page. First, I will be merging with this blog to make things more efficient for myself. Also, I figured this would be a better way to stay connected with all of you. One blog to keep up on everything. 
Second, in addition to merging the sites and continuing on with my Indie book reviews I will also be adding an area where I will discuss articles relating to some of the social issues dealt with in my books. I will pick a topic each week or month (I have yet to decide on the frequency as of now) and then I will share my thoughts on this topic and relate it not only to The Harvest Series, but also to young adults today, in the hopes that you will all share your thoughts and feelings… or anything you want really.
I truly believe this will be a great way to educate and discuss the realities of issues such as physical abuse and keeping secrets, dysfunctional families and how they affect teens in school, their personal/romantic lives, and their decision making.  I have had some feedback from readers asking about the truth behind my story and while some of it does comes from my own personal experience, it is fictional, but NOT unrealistic by any means. Children, the elderly, significant others… they all choose to keep the secret of being abused everyday, and the reasons behind their choice is often hard for some of us to swallow, yet it happens. 
WITH THAT SAID, my goal is to make people aware of the facts of these issues as well as breakdown any barriers, discuss and debunk the myths and stereotypes that exist in the hopes that we can help even one person who feels as scared and alone as Lexie did, feel more empowered and less alone. 
Third, WE HAVE A WEB DOMAIN!!!! is officially registered and under construction. For now it is forwarded to this page, so if you type in the web address above it will bring you right here.  This blog WILL NOT be taken down once the website is up, it will be linked and still very accessible. I have my wonderful and gracious cousin MIKE DUERDEN to thank for his generosity in offering to build my website for me!! YAY MIKE!  I am excited to get to work with Mike on setting up the site and sharing it with you all. If anyone has any suggestions, I am always ears wide open! 
And finally, I am in the process of setting up several book signing events, which I mentioned briefly in my last post. However, I wanted to share that my wonderful wonderful graphic designer Judy Davison has made me some incredible bookmarks and posters. I am so excited to share them with you really soon.  As for the signings, as soon as I have dates and times locked in I will be sure to post all of the details as well as ask for your help spreading the word!! 
I will keep this site up and running as I begin to shift and merge everything… so please be patient with me until everything is complete. 
Thanks for all the love and support!!

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