The Harvest Series

Harvest moon (2nd Ed) coming soon…

Harvest moon has a brand new look!!!

A 2nd edition of Harvest moon will be released soon and I cannot tell you how excited I am.  The new cover art and series logo, by Judy Davison, has me completely giddy!!  The addition of my  wonderful, incredible editor, Laura LaTulipe has made my love for Harvest moon grow more than I knew possible not only because of her ability to make me a better writer, but also because of her love for HM as well. I think she said it best when she said, when all the edits were done she was going to, and I quote “pimp the hell out of it!” LOL… This made my day, no, this made my week!  

Something to know about me, if you don’t already, is that I am such an impatient person by nature and what I know now is that writing is something that requires more than just mere patience. The process of writing is simply the first and possibly the hardest part, but certainly only the beginning. I am learning that there is so much more that goes into the finished product that ends up in the hands of readers, just like me. I may learn patience in this life after all. 

With this said, I must say that I am thankful  to everyone who read HM and gave me your feedback. It’s not easy reading your own work several dozen times and seeing mistakes – regardless of how big or small.  Also, to Judy Davison for listening to what I wanted and giving me so much more with the beautiful covers (oh yeah we have the cover for Winter Solstice that will be posted very shortly) as well as the fantastic logo! And Laura, well for everything I mentioned before… Thank you for all that you have already taught me, everything I am sure you will teach me and thank you for helping me make my first novel something to be truly proud of.  

I know I have said it before, but my love for writing started with my love for reading. That love will never fade and neither will my love for writing.  I love getting reviews, messages, and comments from all of you and hearing how much you loved Lexie, Caitlin, Maya and Ben. I am excited that so many of you are just as excited as I am about Winter Solstice and I assure you I have been working hard to finish it, because I cannot wait to get it into your hands. 

I hope you enjoy the new cover, The Harvest Series logo and all of the internal tweaks and additions. One of which is the link to our new Pinterest page. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do… just search for Megan McCooey. 

Also, I am hoping to do some book signings over the next year. I will be sure to post dates and cities as they are added. Let me know if you hear of an author event in your area and I will be sure to look into joining.  

Thanks again for reading HM!! 


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