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A Much Needed Hiatus….

Hello Everyone,

So I meant to actually post on here back in June that I was taking a much needed hiatus from blogging to work on some of my own writing, but with the end of one job, vacation, and the start of another job… well lets just say that never happened.  I have been getting a ton of review requests and I am going to start getting back into reviewing Indie Authors and getting some new stuff posted on here. I will do my best to get everyone who requested a review taken care of in the next month or so, but I am in the process of getting ready to release a second edition of my first book, Harvest Moon, as well as writing my second book, Winter Solstice. 
I am thankful to everyone who has reached out to Turn The Page and stayed loyal even while I was away. I take reviewing very seriously – I know from an authors perspective what it means to read someone’s opinion, so believe me when I say I am back and ready to start fresh. My hiatus was a time for me to clear my head, think some things through (especially from a reviewers point of view), and get some of my own writing done. 
I will be putting my Manic Monday on hold until I get caught up with all of the backlogged reviews I have. Since my partner never ended up coming on board, due to her schedule, I have a LOT of work to do. So bare with me over the coming weeks and I promise to bring you some fantastic new books from up and coming new Indie Authors!!!  

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