Manic Mondays

Manic Monday #4

Manic Monday is a weekly meme hosted by Turn The Page where we get to decide who the 
next Indie/Self-Published author featured will be. 
Hmmm… pretty cold for a Monday in the middle of May. I feel like this happens purposely so that we will have something to complain about during Manic Monday! This yo yo weather is just making me bonkers. The weekend wasn’t all that great either, if you take the weather into consideration. It was cold and rainy here in northeast Ohio! at least we had mothers day to round it all out. I am not a mother of the human breed, but I am definitely a mother to three furry, four-legged babies who are the center of my universe. Bailey, Madison & Emma treated me to some beautiful flowers and an adorable card, along with some much needed cuddle time. (All of this courtesy of my wonderful husband that is) So, now as we head into another week… another crazy Manic Monday we can only hope that today is not an indication of the rest of the week or I might as well just go back to bed now. 

Before we reveal this weeks Manic Monday winner I wanted to announce the two winners of the Emi Lost & Found series:  Anne Talberth & Sarah Vesper
So this week we had no votes for our Manic Monday choices… what a bummer! So instead we drew a winner from the three choices! 
The chosen Indie/Self-Published Author for
Manic Monday Week #4 is:
Laurel Peterson – Lindsey’s Choice
Congratulations Laurel
Monday May 13, 2013 Manic Monday Picks
1. Shattered – Sandra Madera 
2. The Rocks Below – Nigel P. Bird
3. Be Always On My Side – Nicola Starks
* If you’ve read it, tell us what you thought and tell me which book should be chosen as our Manic Monday Indie/Self-Published Author Feature for Week #5

Also, Tell me if you’ve found outstanding Indie books (for FREE or PAID) that you think deserve a spotlight in our Manic Monday. 

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