Books, Blogs & Page Turners – Issue 1

BBPT is a monthly meme hosted by Turn The Page where we rehash all our favorites from the month… books, blogs, and all things bookish! 

Books, Blogs & Page Turners – The books reviewed this month:
The Breathing Series ~  by Rebecca Donovan. We gave it 5 stars! I absolutely loved these books and cannot wait for “Out of Breathe,” the third and final in the series. 
This Morning I Woke Up Dead ~ by Mindy Larson. I gave it 4 stars! 
Silently Screaming ~ by Dawn L. Husted. I gave it 4 stars! 
The Torturer’s Daughter ~ by Zoe Cannon. I gave it 4 stars!
Not Today, But Someday ~ by Lori. L. Otto. I gave it 5 stars! Loved…loved…loved it!
Books, Blogs & Page Turners – Manic Monday Winners:
While this was the first Manic Monday feature, it surely won’t be the last….
Manic Monday ~ Week #1: Lori L. Otto, Not Today, But Someday
Books, Blogs & Page Turners – The blogs we crushed on this month:
Between The Lines ~ Hosted by Trish. What we love and can’t help but crush on are her constantly witty TTT posts. I’m a list lover too and I always look forward to seeing what the Tuesday topic is and read her lists. Also, this month her post “memes, merits, & moans was a fun read that gave this book blogger the good swift kick in the butt to jump on the meme bandwagon. After reading her merits and moans I thought I would try to come up with some fun, quirky memes of my own… hope I made you proud Trish! 

Falling For YA ~ Hosted by Emily. I stumbled upon this blog through a directory and fell in love with Emily’s beautiful layout and was sure to tell her so. Other reasons I crushed on Falling For YA this month was her stacking the shelves meme… totally love this and when I saw Forever by Judy Blume, well… she had me at Forever! Judy Blume was my go to author all through elementary school and junior high. I have every one of her books and my #1 favorite is “Just As Long As We’re Together” 

Paper Fantasies ~ Hosted by Kelly. I love her new blog facelift… her button and oh can’t forget her twitter bird. Looked for that little guy everywhere on the net because I was crushing so hard! Never found him… so I just stop by her page a few times a week to ogle hers. Another reason I crushed on her blog, her YA epidemic meme… As a YA author I get some fantastic feedback both from Kelly and all of her trustworthy followers. Being far removed from the young adult pool it’s not always easy to know what to steer clear of or add more of… so thanks Kelly!! 

Books, Blogs & Page Turners- Books up for review in May:

Books, Blogs & Pager Turners – Other bookish news and recaps:
We Love Giveaways: The Emi Lost & Found Series by Lori L. Otto is up for grabs until May 13th. Be sure to enter for your chance to win the 3-book series on your Kindle, Nook or through Smashwords.  
Happy One Month Anniversary Turn The Page Book Blog!! 
And in other bookish news I am proud to announce I will be taking on another book reviewer… a best friend and co-worker, Angela Maine. I will let her do her own introducing to you all very soon and we hope that two will be better than one! 
We are always looking for more indie/self-published authors we can connect with and offer reviews to, do cover reveals…. If this is you, give us a shout out at
TTP got another layout change and we think we like this one the best so far… it’s classic and simple. Maybe down the road we will invest in getting one of those super cool blog designers to give us a  unique TTP facelift!!
And finally, we are still in need of more great followers to share all our amazing reviews and fun memes with so if anyone has any suggestions, feedback or great followers for us… bring it on! 

We hope you enjoyed our first issue of Books, Blogs & Page Turners… Go ahead and leave us a comment, tell us your thoughts, share your favorites from the month of April and help spring us into May!! 

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