WE LOVE GIVEAWAYS: Emi Lost & Found Series


Author: Lori L. Otto
Title: Emi Lost & Found Series 
Genre: Young Adult > Romance
Publication Date(s): April 2011
Giveaway Dates: Monday April 29, 2013-Sunday May 13, 2013 The winner will be announced in our weekly Manic Monday Feature. 
Prize: 2 Winners will receive the Series Bundle of Emi Lost & Found Series (3 book -eBook series- Kindle, Nook, Smashwords)
Link to my review: Not Today, But Someday – Book Review
Link to the Auhtor’s Website: Lori L. Otto, Author of Emi Lost & Found

2 thoughts on “WE LOVE GIVEAWAYS: Emi Lost & Found Series”

  1. I read the Emi Lost and Found series and it is by far my favorite series! The characters are well written and developed. The story is interesting and very REAL. This author writes a beautiful story about Emi and Nate, lifelong friends who can't imagine life without the other, but can't seem to admit the depth of their feelings for each other. You won't be disappointed!!


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