Manic Mondays

Manic Monday #1

In true blogger fashion, I wanted to create a meme that was fitting to my blog. Since my main focus are Indie/self-published authors and since I am such a manic, maniac, maniacal reader, I have therfore decided to host “Manic Monday.” 

Okay, so Mondays are always such a blah day after I’ve enjoyed my weekend of relaxing and no doubt reading… I thought I would start posting a list of new Indie books I find (FOR FREE) that I am interested in reading. I will post three books each week on the list and then this is where you will come in:

1. If you’ve read it, tell us what you thought.
2. I will let you decide which book I read of the three and the other two will be put back in the pile to potentially come back around on another Manic Monday list. 
3. Tell me if you’ve found outstanding Indie books (for FREE or PAID) that you think deserve a spotlight in our Manic Monday. 

Please leave your choice in the comment section by Sunday of that week and I will announce the Manic Monday Winner Each Monday with the new list!

Monday April 22 Manic Monday Picks
(All found on Smashwords)

1. Not Today, But Someday – Lori L. Otto
2. Invisible – Cecily Anne Patterson
3. Falling – Amber Jaeger

7 thoughts on “Manic Monday #1”

  1. Agreeing with everyone so far, Not Today, But Someday!! You'll want to continue on to the series Emi Lost & Found which is my fav series ever! I can hype this up because it will exceed all expectations. I know you'll love it as much as I did!! 🙂


  2. Thanks Diane and Tracey! I love hearing that and in looking forward to reading and featuring this book in our Manic Mondays. I hope you'll follow TTP and keep helping is pick our winners!


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