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Things are seemingly perfect for Hadley Christensen and Dominic Morris. They’re engaged, both of them have promising careers in the medical field, and they’re happier and more fulfilled than they have ever been. When Hadley heads off to work one morning, she realizes things aren’t as they seem. While staring into the headlights of a fast approaching oncoming vehicle, life as she knows it is forever altered. Her last breath on Earth is only the beginning. 
She isn’t about to die. 
She is already dead. 
No one else knows but they are all dead too. 
This powerful realization forces Hadley to leave Dominic behind and exist in another realm. Neither soul handles the painful separation well, nor can their bond be broken. Even in death. Hadley is given the rare privilege to make contact from the other side, desperately hoping to convince her beloved of his true state and ensure they be together once more. 
This Morning I Woke Up Dead takes you on a journey of discovery as two souls fight against their undeniably difficult situation of being tormented and separated by different realms of existence, proving that those who are destined to be together will not be kept apart by a beating heart.
Author: Mindy Larson
Book Title: This Morning I woke Up Dead.
Publish Date: March 14, 2013
Links to Purchase: AmazonBarnes & Noble
Reviewer: Megan
My Review: I Liked It!!
Have you ever wondered about deja vu or why you simply feel drawn to some people, even those you’ve just met?
“Whenever I had a deja vu, I immediately tried to understand why and what I was remembering exactly.
When I read the synopsis for this book I was immediately intrigued. I am one of those people that likes to understand the meaning behind weird, unexplainable things. For instance, a deja vu, or why when you meet certain people, you just simply feel drawn to them. Or have you ever looked at the clock at the same time everyday and gone crazy trying to understand it’s significance in your life? I have…(mine is 11:17) and that was what Mindy Larson’s “This Morning I Woke Up Dead” dealt with. 
“Georgette’s memories will slowly fade little by little as she begins to speak again as an infant. Learn a word. Lose a memory. As time passes, some begin to remember things with a feeling of deja vu or through dreams. Memories are forever cemented to your soul.” 
I really enjoyed the concept behind the book and the author creates an interesting tier of realms that we all have the pleasure of enjoying at some point in our life cycles. “You will start a new life cycle…then you die…then earth…this realm.” 
I was fascinated by her differentiation between “soul mates” and “soul twins,” I was drawn to the characters, could relate to the love that they shared and felt bad that their lives were ripped apart before it even had a chance to begin. I sympathized as Dominic attempted to get on with his life, and could even relate to those feelings of guilt you feel when someone close to you dies. Moving on is never easy… but what if all you had to do to be with that person was to admit to yourself and truly believe that in your life on earth, you were already dead? Seems simple enough, except being dead but believing you are alive is still living to some degree right? After all, if you accept that you are dead, as Hadley does, you loss everything.  It really makes you think about how you live your life, how you treat others, and how you spend your time, which is why I loved Mindy’s explanation for what happens to all of the  “bad” people when they begin a new life cycle. 
Throughout the whole story I continued to think, huh, I always wondered about that… what a neat spin or WOW, that’s a really fascinating explanation…what if? I love books that make us take a step back and think outside the box. The spirituality that Mindy brought forth was deep and touching to say the least. I can honestly say I walked away from this book thought provoked and curious and as you can see, there were several parts where I could not help myself but to bookmark some of beautiful wording. 
The reason I rated this book as a 4-star “I liked it” was because there were too many coincidences between the character connections, which I supposed were written that way from a spiritual, soul mate (soul family) perspective. However, the loss both Dominic and Emerson experienced, followed by all of the loss Dominic suffered thereafter just felt like too much. I would have liked to see him realize his true destiny without being so pushed to the brink…Unless, maybe it is only in our most desperate moments that we are  willing to face the truth… 
A fascinating read that I recommend to anyone who believes in soul mates and the ideal that some love is boundless, even in death! 
“I am gray colored yarn. Dominic is chocolate brown. Harper is light blue. My mother us emerald. My father is sapphire. Together, we make a beautiful tapestry. Apart we are loose ends, waiting, hoping to be woven together again.” 
**Thank you to the author for providing me with a copy of “This Morning I Woke Up Dead” in exchange for an honest review. 
Congratulations Mindy!! I look forward to reading “Thirteen Choices” 

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