The Harvest Series

The Day Has Finally Arrived!!!


After much work, I am proud to announce that copies of Harvest Moon are officially on sale!! This has been such an incredible process and I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who has helped, supported, and encouraged me along the way! I truly hope you enjoy the first book in the Harvest Series and will continue to follow Lexie on her journey. I look forward to hearing all of your comments and/or questions, so please feel free to email me, message me on Facebook, or leave it for me here or on Goodreads. or
As of now, you can purchase either the Barnes & Noble Nook Edition by following this link
or by simply going to and typing: Harvest Moon [Nook Book] into the search bar. 

An amazon Amazon Kindle version is also available by following this link. 

Paperback copies are available directly through 


On the Createspace e-store (Amazon subsidiary) you can purchase a Paperback copy of the book by following this link. 

An E-book version will also be available through the Apple IBooks Store within the next few days and you can buy any version through the Goodreads link above. 

Thanks again for all the support!!


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