Choose Your Own Ending With Crossroads!

Are you a fan of choose your own adventure books? If you said yes, then the Crossroads stories may be you’re new favorite addiction!

Crossroads: The Delia Landon Story 

On the night of her high school graduation, Delia Landon attends a party with her friends, to celebrate all they’ve accomplished. A night filled with laughter, dancing, and drinking. Her three best friends—Courtney, Lindsay and Beth—are extremely intoxicated as they climb into the back of Brandon’s jeep. Courtney yells to Delia one last time, “Come on, Delia, get your ass in this jeep! Woohoo! We graduated, so let’s celebrate!!” Suddenly,  Delia finds herself at a crossroads. Either she ignores her parents warning and goes with her friends, letting the party continue or she says no to the peer pressure and calls it a night.

Whatever choice you make, just remember, in life… you can never go back!

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Crossroads: The Ella Thomas story 

When new girl Carly Matthews, arrives at Souhegan High School, Ella and her four best friends—Olivia, Rebecca, Sophia, and Hailey—immediately feel threatened. Senior year is supposed to be carefree and easy. But when the rumors start, actions are set into motion. Actions that can’t easily be undone. The newspapers paint them as “real life mean girls,” but this is not who they are…or rather who they were.
A hierarchy of popularity, years in the making, is uncovered when Carly’s uninhibited behaviors thrust Ella and her friends into a storm of bullying that leads them down a path they never imagined. Until finally Ella finds herself at a Crossroads where she must decide between standing alongside her friends to finish what they started, or come forward and take responsibility for what they’ve done. But just remember, whatever path you might choose for Ella…in real life, you can never go back

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Huge success for 5 books…5 free days!!

As a writer, I spend countless hours perfecting my characters, double checking my storyline, and asking dedicated beta readers to sit through numerous versions of the same story. All in the hopes that my words will touch others.

Being an indie author is so much fun, but it can also be quite difficult at times. Trying to find your niche. Getting your books into the hands of readers. Compiling enough reviews so when those readers stumble across your books, they stop and take a second glance. And this is exactly why it’s so important to have a great team! From the writing, to the editing, and finally to the cover and interior design. We always say “never judge a book by its cover,” but let’s be honest, we all have. Which is why I’m so grateful to the team I have in my corner. To my editor Tom Shutt and the wonderful woman responsible for all the beautiful covers and the impeccable interior layouts…Judy Davison. (I cannot tell you how many times I hear, “oh my, these covers are gorgeous!”)

When I was deciding whether or not to take my books Kindle exclusive I was torn, because I know I have readers who rely on borrowing them from their local libraries (which you still can in paperback format) and others who purchase through small town book stores…and it is important to me that they are readily available to you. But with the series finally finished I wanted Lexie and Angela to find their place out there. For readers to get to know them and be touched by their powerful, emotional, tragic and uplifting story.

Kindle exclusive, or KDP select rather, allows indie authors like myself, several promotional options when we agree to offer our ebooks on Amazon and Amazon alone. One of which is offering up to five days where you’re books can be offered for free.

“Free? Everyone gasps, but how will you make any money?” It’s not about the money…at least not always, lol. Of course I want to make money off my hard work, but to find that niche I mentioned earlier takes time. It takes patience. It takes a willingness to look ahead. When I sat staring at these five beautiful books on the table, I realized I needed something big. I had to get The Harvest Series into as many hands as possible. Offering the series for free was how I would do that.

Each day I woke up to more downloads than the day before. I was blown away the first morning when I saw more than 400 books were now in the hands of readers across the world. And yes, I mean WORLD! From the U.S. to Denmark, France, Spain, Italy and the U.K. people were downloading The Harvest Series in droves. I was not solely responsible for this either. I had friends and family sharing my posts and spreading the word. And I had one blogger/reader friend in particular who graciously promoted the heck out of my books everyday, all week. So thank you Lisa at for all you do for me and many other authors.

Now, at the end of the five day promo, I couldn’t be happier in my decision. The reason? 1,380 copies of The Harvest Series were downloaded worldwide!!

I want to say thank you to all of you who diligently shared, by post or word of mouth,  about this unique little series or to those of you who took the time to download it.

As new reviews begin to trickle in my hope now is that Lexie and Angela will find there place in the big ol’ book world  out there.


The Harvest Series is FREE!!!

Only ONE more day left to grab your FREE COPIES of ALL 5 books in The Harvest Series… so go right now before it’s too late and download them to your Kindle!  

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Amazon Kindle Storytellers Contestant!

Great news friends and family! Crossroads: The Ella Thomas Story has been entered into the Amazon Kindle Storytellers Competition for a chance to be chosen for an International book deal and some other great prizes, but in order to win, I NEED YOUR HELP! Here’s how it works…Here’s how you can help… Crossroads: The Ella […]

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Five Books…Five FREE Days!

Mark it on your calendar… April 24th – April 28, 2017 download all 5 Kindle e-books in The Harvest Series for FREE!!

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The Harvest Series goes Kindle Exclusive!

Hello Harvest Fans! Great news here. With the fast approaching book signings coming up, (Raleigh & Boston) I have decided to take The Harvest Series Kindle Exclusive! For at least the next 90-days, The Harvest Series will only be available through Amazon Kindle. Why would I do this now, you ask? If you or anyone […]

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Full Moon (The Harvest Series, #3)

As promised, some fun teasers to accompany the conclusion of The Harvest Series… Teaser #1 (Full Moon Poem, by Megan McCooey)   Teaser #2 (Chapter: Evidence)   Teaser #3 (Chapter: The Truth)   Teaser #4 (Chapter: Then Comes Marriage…)   Teaser # 5 (Chapter: Then Comes Marriage…)   SPOILER ALERT…. DO NOT GO ANY FURTHER IF […]

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Full Moon & Dark Moon, Dual Release…

The time has finally come…Full Moon and Dark Moon, dual release March 31st!! I know I know, you’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for these final two installments of The Harvest Series. Well wait no more, because the time has finally arrived! I am so excited to share the gripping ending to this […]

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After a looong and patient wait, I am  excited to share with you that Full Moon is in its final stages before release. Stay tuned for a cover reveal and release date announcement, but in the meantime let me share a few things and tell you a little bit about the book you’ve been waiting […]

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Dark Moon is on the horizon…

Remember Claire and Brian Stone from Harvest Moon? Yeah you know the ones…Lexie’s no good abusive parents? Well they are back in a way you never imagined. Dark Moon is on the horizon and will be told from Claire’s point of view. The inspiration for this short little novella was actually all the loyal readers […]

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